An Update on the Fundraising

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Stress Blog

Since being laid off from, I’ve decided to try to keep the show going on my own, putting it to a real market test to see if it’s worth it to you all.

So far, the response has been incredibly generous and greatly appreciated. I am also thrilled to have had the show sponsored by the Future of Freedom Foundation, Dagney and Lane Skin and Haircare Products, as well as my old company

Unfortunately I’m going to need many more sponsors and donors than that to survive. As expected, the donations have decreased and slowed considerably from their pace and size, but the need for them has not.

As you may have noticed when the 404 error comes up from time to time, we need two new servers with the assorted bells and lights just to keep the audio available.

And then there’s the rising cost of living…

Help keep the Scott Horton Show going. Sponsor the show. Donate. Thank you.

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