Alexandrovna interviews Ledeen pt 2

by | Mar 7, 2006 | Stress Blog

The Niger forgeries

Part one of her interview here.

RS: What about Panorama, the publication to which the Niger documents now known to be forgeries were delivered? You wrote for Panorama as we had previously discussed.

Ledeen: As I’ve told you before, these claims are nonsensical. I have no point of contact with the Niger documents, I haven’t even seen them or read them. I’ve never met Rocco Martino, and the sum total of my “work with SISMI” consists of one half day in Rome.

RS: No point of contact with the Niger forgeries at all, as in you did not even hear of conversations regarding those documents?

Ledeen: Again, I have no involvement of any sort in the Niger forgeries. I don

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