Al-Qa’Ida’s Second Act – the Full Five-Part Series

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Stress Blog

Patrick Cockburn’s investigation for the UK Independent into the jihadi resurgence.

Part 1: Where the global ‘war on terror’ went wrong

The US has spent billions of dollars to counter the threat of global terror and succeeded in killing Osama bin Laden three years ago. Yet today, al-Qa’ida-type groups are numerous and powerful.

Part 2: Is Saudi Arabia regretting its support for terrorism?

Saudi Arabia has been perhaps the jihadists’ greatest ally — but will the Kingdom be forced to change tack in the face of American impatience and anarchy in Syria?

Part 3: The jihadist re-birth in Iraq, from al-Qa’ida to ISIS

On the growing influence of ISIS, formerly al-Qa’ida’s force in Iraq, which dominates Sunni areas and is wreaking havoc among the Shia majority

Part 4: The jihadist takeover of the Syrian revolution

How extremist Islamists have turned the uprising against President Assad into a sectarian war and forced out seculars.

Part 5: The hate preachers fuelling the war

How Sunni fundamentalist groups are successfully winning recruits through well-funded internet propaganda.

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