ABC: Agent Backs Cheney

by | Jul 3, 2008 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

We are all used to Dick Cheney and his cabal twisting the facts to support their diabolical plots, but they also have an agent over at ABC, Jonathan Karl, doing their dirty work.

He has a new article at ABC reporting on the looming attack on Iran. When describing Iran’s phony nuclear weapons program and when Iran might have a bomb, he asserts: ‘According to the latest U.S. and Israeli intelligence assessments, that is likely to happen sometime in 2009, and could happen by the end of this year.’(!)

To support this ridiculous claim, in the middle of the article they have a banner which says: ‘Related-Exclusive: Iran Nuclear Bomb Could Be Possible by 2009.’ This takes you to an article which lays out Iran’s enormous increase in number of centrifuges as the means for their soon to be nuclear bomb. The ‘expert’ describing this emanate danger is none other than the recently discredited David Albright.

Not to mention, this article is from April 2007! Seven months before the NIE, where all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies unanimously agree that: ‘’¦the earliest possible date Iran would be technically capable of producing enough HEU for a weapon is late 2009, but that this is very unlikely.’

Here we go again. We see the media cuddling up to an administration that is determined to make the facts fit the policy. Just five years ago they misled us into the catastrophic debacle in Iraq. Bush apologists insist that it was an honest mistake getting the intelligence exactly wrong, while most Americans are convinced they intentionally lied. Whichever version you believe, how could anyone trust them again?