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I was IMing with Scott, when I mentioned that I hadn’t seen Scott’s speech in New Hampshire, yet. Scott said “Don’t”

Being a cranky individualist, I went and looked almost first thing.

When I listen to Anti-War Radio, I play computer games. When I am working I drive when I listen to Anti-War Radio. (ooo, safety)

So I kicked up Scott on Youtube

After a few moments of “Wow. He doesn’t look like he sounds. Skinny.” I Alt-Tabbed and played some spider solitaire and listened to Scott talking. Now people complained in the comments that the cameraman evidently had some sort of siezure disorder, or learned how to operate a videocamera watching Cloverfield or something.

I didn’t see any of that. I heard what Scott said. That there was a beautiful summary. I liked it. So kick it up, then get on “Farmville” or something and listen to what Scott says.

Mister Horton, please eat a sammich. My shadow has 13 pounds on you. That is not right.

Jay ~Meow!~