Ideological Underpinnings of the War on Terrorism – Scott Horton to the IsraelApartheidCon 4/26/21

As detailed in his new book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism, Israel and its U.S. lobby were key proponents of the disastrous 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, as well as providing the ideological underpinnings of a "global war on terror." Today they are virtually alone in advocating a U.S. war on Iran. How likely is it that the Biden administration will attack Iran? What would be the consequences?

Enough Already Chapter 1: The Jimmy Carter Years

In this opening chapter Scott Horton discusses the origins of the United States' War on Terrorism. We begin in the Jimmy Carter years and the support for the Mujahideen in Afghanistan resisting the Soviet invasion. Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism by Scott Horton A Video Adaptation: Commentary by the Author Directed by Gus Cantavero Access the full video playlist here:...

At Smedley Butler’s Grave – 19th Anniversary of Boots on the Ground in Afghanistan 11/02/2020

On the 19th anniversary of U.S. soldiers hitting the ground in Afghanistan, the veterans organization Bring Our Troops Home held an event in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with the goal of ensuring that our men and women in uniform won’t be in Afghanistan for another anniversary. Scott Horton, along with several other great antiwar voices spoke at the event. This video includes the full event; Scott's section starts around 37:00.

New Media and the Terror Wars

Presented at the 2018 Mises Institute Symposium with Ron Paul: "We Need Alternative Media" in Lake Jackson, Texas, on 3 November 2018. Includes an introduction by Jeff Deist.