Walter Jones Interviews

The great antiwar Republican Walter Jones died last Sunday. Eric Garris has a write up at AWC. Kelley and Jim Antle give him a nice send off over at TAC. Here are my five interviews of him. And here Ron Paul and Dan McAdams give their man his...

2/8/19 Sheldon Richman on the FDA’s War on Tobacco, Part 3

Sheldon Richman joins the show for part three of his series on the FDA’s increasingly domineering control of tobacco products. Check out parts 1 and 2. Discussed on the show: “TGIF: The FDA’s Assault on Tobacco Consumers, Part 3” (The Libertarian Institute) “1/25/19...

2/8/19 Muhammad Sahimi on Iran’s ‘Fake Opposition’

Muhammad Sahimi talks about the delicate state of Iranian politics and the necessity of avoiding war there. Discussed on the show: “Pompeo, Bolton, And Iran’s “Fake Opposition”” (LobeLog) Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Going to Tehran: Why America Must Accept the...
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