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7/20/12 Jeremiah Goulka

Jeremiah Goulka discusses the MEK’s lobbying efforts to instigate war in Iran and get removed from the State Department’s terrorist group list; and why Newt Gingrich and several other public figures should be prosecuted on material support for terrorism charges.

Antiwar Radio: Jeremiah Goulka

Jeremiah Goulka, former lawyer in the Bush Justice Department and former analyst with the RAND Corporation, discusses his op-ed ďMEK and its material supporters in Washington;Ē a history of the MEK including the groupís founding in 1965, their exile from Iran, and their alliance with Saddam Hussein; Jeremiahís first-hand account of the MEKís cult-like practices during his tour of Camp Ashraf in Iraq; US State Department negotiations on the breakup of Camp Ashraf and removing the MEK from the Foreign Terrorist Organization list; and the Treasury Departmentís investigation into the source of the MEKís substantial funding.