David Frum Smacked Down Again

You’d think this warmongering hack and George W. Bush hagiographer would eventually tire of being publicly humiliated every time he puts words to print, but no. Apparently Frum’s parents forgot to teach him the virtue of shame. Or perhaps his master Richard Perle beat it out of him.

So, anyway, this time the monster of “moderation” has been busted back down to his dank cellar by Milton Friedman’s son David, on occasion of Frum’s pathetic attempt at defending the Federal Reserve System from the continued withering assaults on its credibility and authority by Rep. Ron Paul. Frum’s dilemma is that Ron Paul is a master of economics and American history [.pdf], while Frum himself knows nothing. So where they disagree, it is obviously only because David Frum is what he always is: wrong.

Or as Friedman put it:

“[Frum’s] version of the history of the Great Depression is entirely fictional.”

No one is surprised at your failure here, but really Mr. Frum, you thought you were going to win an argument with my man Ron Paul about the Great Depression? Did you even bother to read what he’s written on the subject before regurgitating your 7th grade history text book for us over there at CNN? You might-should try a bit harder next time so that at least it will appear that you have any concept of what the other side of the argument is while posturing as such a smart guy. Then again, if you actually understood Paul’s position on gold and the Great Depression, you’d have to pick something else to write about – you know, like why everyone in America, excepting only you and yours, should go die murdering Arabs, Pashtuns and Persians for their own good or something else convincing like that.

McCain-Lieberman Bill a Major Threat to Liberty

Writes Anthony Gregory at C4L:

Former Democratic VP candidate Joe Lieberman and former GOP presidential candidate John McCain have introduced a new detention policy bill in response to the Christmas Day underwear bomber. From The Atlantic: “A close reading of the bill suggests it would allow the U.S. military to detain U.S. citizens without trial indefinitely in the U.S. based on suspected activity.”

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