5 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Why Bill Clinton Should Have Been Impeached and Removed

  1. Harry Ares

    what he said is true but Reagan, and both Bushs are guilty of this also. I wonder why Paul has said nothing about them?

    1. rob

      You obviously haven’t listened to him speak very much. he hates all big, unconstitutional gov’t. He has spoken out against Bush countless times.

  2. liz

    thanks for posting this Scott. i shared it on fb too, though you never know what good that does…

    and thanks for your show on 9/11. i was having a drag of a day. it just sucks that it’s been eight years already and all people can say is they remember and will never forget (whatever that even means).

    what do you make of all this 9/12 business? i’m almost tempted to be excited about it (the turnout mostly) but for Glenn Beck and his Neocon ways.

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