8/10/12 Thomas C. Mountain

Thomas C. Mountain , American journalist in Eritrea, discusses the empire’s economic interest in the Horn of Africa, the dying sock-puppet tyrant and tyranny in Ethiopia, the CIA’s scramble to find a replacement for the reportedly-comatose Meles Zenawi, Gayle Smith‘s warmongering from the White House, Plan B, the new naval installations to be put in in Djibouti, the US-Ethiopian-AU proxy war in Somalia and the major nationalist rebel army massing in Ethiopia.

7 thoughts on “8/10/12 Thomas C. Mountain

  1. DWBartoo

    I second eCAHN.

    Scott, please have Thomas Mountain back to update the “situation” on a regular basis.


  2. IP Khalifa

    ???? ???? … ?????? ???? ????? ??? ?? ????? ???? ???????

    Khomeni hanged his Khaen generalz while ABODz(U$KingKhaenCcaves)-Mur$i Generalz are givincc Nile-Jordan Medalz

  3. JohnnyPhillipMorris

    The Mississippi 155th BCT National Guard is to be deployed(with their Shadow drones) in 2014 to Somalia, led by African-American Adjutant-General Leon Collins.

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