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09/19/14 Scott Horton

The Other Scott Horton, author of Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America’s Stealth Warfare, discusses the domestic and international legal questions arising from Obama’s preparations for war in Iraq and Syria; and why Congress won’t address the Constitutional crisis of presidential war powers.

09/19/14 Dahr Jamail

Dahr Jamail, author of The Mass Destruction of Iraq, discusses the Obama administration’s so-called strategy in Iraq and Syria.

09/19/14 Abigail Hall

Abigail Hall, the JIN Fellow in Economics in the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, discusses her article “Perfecting Tyranny: Foreign Intervention as Experimentation in State Control.”

09/18/14 James Bamford

James Bamford, author of The Shadow Factory, discusses the 43 refuseniks in Israel’s Unit 8200 (NSA equivalent) who object to spying on ordinary Palestinians and the occupation in general.

09/18/14 Michael Scheuer

Michael Scheuer, former Chief of the CIA’s Bin Laden Issue Station, discusses why the US is fighting a global war against Islam; the strengths of Al Qaeda’s second generation fighters; and why we shouldn’t overreact to the gruesome beheading videos.

09/17/14 Brian McGlinchey

Brian McGlinchey, director of, discusses why it’s time to declassify the secret 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report that focus on the involvement of foreign governments in the attack.

09/16/14 Peter Van Buren

Peter Van Buren, author of We Meant Well, discusses Obama’s authority (or lack thereof) to start another Iraq War, and why the outcome won’t be any better this time.

09/15/14 Grant F. Smith

Grant F. Smith, director of IRMEP, discusses why the Department of Justice asked a federal judge to throw out a civil lawsuit against the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc.

09/15/14 Thomas Harrington

Thomas Harrington, author of Livin’ La Vida Barroca, discusses how Imperial Spain resembles contemporary US empire; and the end of the US’s democratic project.

09/14/14 Matthew Hoh

Matthew Hoh, a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy and former State Department official, discusses his articles “The Beheadings Are Bait” and “Perpetual War, and Shame, Is Our Policy.”

09/12/14 Gareth Porter

Gareth Porter, author of Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare, discusses the beginning of Iraq War III and how Israel sabotages any attempt at repairing US-Iran relations.

09/12/14 John Feffer

John Feffer, co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus, discusses his recent articles “NATO Poised to Escalate Tensions over Ukraine” and “The Cold War Never Ended.”

09/11/14 Philip Giraldi

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses Obama’s speech on taking action against Syria and the Islamic State; and other crazy US foreign policy adventures in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

09/11/14 Walead Farwana

Walead Farwana, an American researcher, writer and amateur historian, discusses the history of the Islamic State from its founding in 2003-6.

09/11/14 Eric Garris

Eric Garris, founder of, discusses Obama’s ISIL speech; the mythic “moderate” Syrian rebels; and how Israel’s interests complicate US foreign policy.

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