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12/18/14 Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz, news editor for, discusses the brouhaha over the Sony Pictures movie “The Interview” about an attempted assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un; the FBI’s assertion that North Korean hackers are to blame for hacking Sony’s computer systems in retaliation; and Sony’s cowardly response of completely canceling the movie’s release for fear of terrorism reprisals.

12/18/14 Susannah George

Susannah George, a radio and print journalist for NPR and Public Radio International, discusses her article “America is building a Sunni army in Iraq to take on the Islamic State.”

12/18/14 Mark Thornton

Mark Thornton, Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, discusses the 100 year anniversary of the War on Drugs, its firm foundation in racism and bigotry, and how it has been taxed, regulated, and legislated into a multi-billion dollar government enterprise of destruction.

12/17/14 Eric Margolis

Eric Margolis, internationally syndicated columnist and author of American Raj, discusses the Pakistani Taliban’s mass-killing of kids in Peshawar; the history of Pakistan’s restive northwest territories from the days of British empire; why the US still won’t leave Afghanistan; and the possibility of normalized relations with Cuba.

12/17/14 Bob McCarty

Bob McCarty, author of The Clapper Memo, discusses the strange developments in Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue’s lawsuit against the FBI, based on their refusal of his FOIA requests for videotapes and documents relating to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

12/17/14 Grant F. Smith

Grant F. Smith, founder of the Institute for Research, Middle Eastern Policy (IRMEP), discusses his involvement in the April 10, 2015 conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC: “The Israel Lobby: Is it Good For the US?”

12/16/14 Douglas Lucas

Douglas Lucas, a writer, researcher, and journalist based in Texas, discusses “hactivist” writer Barrett Brown’s sentencing hearing in a Dallas federal court, where he faces up to 8.5 years in prison on a plea deal. He was arrested in September 2012 after posting YouTube videos threatening an FBI agent, and a litany of charges was then added by prosecutors who accused Brown of colluding with the Anonymous hacker collective in criminal acts, rather than just covering their findings as a journalist.

12/16/14 Matthew Hoh

Matthew Hoh, a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy, discusses the Pakistani Taliban’s killing of over 130 children in an attack in Peshawar, and how the US drone war upset relations between Pakistan’s military and the northwest tribal regions – ultimately leading to the Peshawar attack.

12/12/14 Jeffrey Kaye

Jeffrey Kaye, a psychologist active in the anti-torture movement, discusses the CIA-contracted psychologists who largely designed the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” torture program, and their link to the same CIA department that brought us MKULTRA.

12/12/14 Andrew Cockburn

Andrew Cockburn, author of Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall, and Catastrophic Legacy, discusses the unholy merger of the Israel lobby and the military-industrial complex; how NATO expansion enriches Lockheed; and his article “Game On: East vs. West, again,” about the renewing Cold War with Russia.

12/12/14 Tyler Cullis

Tyler Cullis, a Policy Associate with the National Iranian American Council, discusses his article on the Iranian nuclear talks, “A Cautionary Tale: How the Mistaken Claims of One Hawkish Think-Tank Put at Risk the Prospects for a Nuclear Deal.”

12/11/14 Lawrence Wilkerson

Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, discusses how he helped with Powell’s infamous address to the UN in 2003, making the case for war with Iraq; the behind-the-scenes pressure exerted by Bush administration officials to keep the “garbage intel” linking Iraq and al-Qaeda in Powell’s speech; and Dick Cheney’s effort to hide his criminal behavior behind OLC lawyers and their memos justifying torture.

12/11/14 Eric Margolis

Eric Margolis, journalist and author of American Raj, discusses the CIA torture report; how we are condoning torture by failing to prosecute those responsible for it; and why the Republican Party is still defending disastrous foreign wars and the Bush administration’s crimes.

12/10/14 Andy Worthington

Andy Worthington, an investigative journalist, author, and filmmaker, discusses the brutal physical and psychological torture techniques employed by the Bush administration against supposedly high-value al-Qaeda prisoners – many of whom were low-level lackeys at best – in an effort to get false confessions and manufacture a case for war in Iraq.

12/10/14 Jonathan Landay

Jonathan Landay, a McClatchy Foreign Staff journalist, discusses his article about the real intent of the Bush administration’s torture program – to lie us into war: “Report: Abusive tactics used to seek Iraq-al Qaida link.”

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