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2/17/15 Philip Giraldi

Philip Giraldi, Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest and a former CIA officer, discusses how Benjamin Netanyahu’s highly-contentious speech before Congress on March 3rd could put the US-Israel “special relationship” to the test; and Phil’s joint discussion titled “The Courage to Speak Out: How Can the US get AIPAC out of US Politics,” at 7:00 pm, March 1st, at Busboys and Poets at 5th and K in Washington DC.

2/27/15 David Hardy

David Hardy, author of This Is Not An Assault: Penetrating the Web of Official Lies Regarding the Waco Incident, discusses the passing of Mike McNulty, who doggedly pursued the truth about Waco and disproved the government’s official narratives.

2/27/15 Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz, professor of sociology and author of War Without End, discusses his TomDispatch article “The Great Game in the Holy Land: How Gazan Natural Gas Became the Epicenter of An International Power Struggle.”

2/26/15 Musa al-Gharbi

Musa al-Gharbi, a research fellow with the Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts, discusses his article “ISIL’s barbaric acts are highly effective propaganda,” and why a US ground invasion would be playing right into the Islamic State’s hands.

2/26/15 Eli Clifton

Eli Clifton, a reporting fellow with The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute, discusses how the MEK successfully lobbied its way off the State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization list in 2012; and the group’s continuing efforts to regime-change Iran’s government.

2/26/15 Daniel Haqiqatjou

Daniel Haqiqatjou, a writer and lecturer on Muslims and modernity, discusses why Graeme Wood’s attention-grabbing article in The Atlantic, “What ISIS Really Wants,” is dangerously flawed about Islam and conveniently ignores the role of US foreign policy in creating ISIS to begin with.

2/25/15 Grant F. Smith

Grant F. Smith, director of research at the Institute for Research, Middle Eastern Policy, discusses IRMEP’s lawsuit seeking disclosure of CIA files on Israel’s covert nuclear weapons program, including the illegal diversion of weapons-grade uranium from the NUMEC nuclear plant in Pennsylvania. American taxpayers are currently on the hook for a half-billion dollar cleanup effort at NUMEC – presumably Israel should pick up part of the tab.

2/25/15 Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith, an award-winning investigative journalist with The Intercept, discusses Rodney Reed’s stay of execution in Texas as evidence of his innocence mounts – even though the state is still eager to kill him.

2/25/15 Alfred McCoy

Alfred McCoy, professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discusses his article “The Real American Exceptionalism: From Torture to Drone Assassination, How Washington Gave Itself a Global Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card.”

2/25/15 Alan Kuperman

Alan J. Kuperman, Associate Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, discusses how Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton embroiled the US in a bogus humanitarian war in Libya with disastrous consequences.

2/24/15 Jared Labell

Jared Labell of Taxpayers United of America discusses his organization’s workshop seminars that train activists to submit FOIA requests on government workers’ pay and pensions. These enormous liabilities threaten to bankrupt some local and state governments, especially in Illinois. The next workshop is March 7th in Orlando, Florida.

2/23/15 Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker, Chief Liberty Officer and founder of, discusses his new monthly interview show “Eye on the Empire” with Scott Horton starting Feb. 24th; how the behemoth Department of Homeland Security could be broken up into smaller bureaucracies; and the global liberty community.

2/23/15 Andy Worthington

Andy Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files, discusses how the dismissal of David Hicks’ terror conviction could end Guantanamo’s military commission trial system; and how Congress’s “Detaining Terrorists to Protect America Act of 2015″ is designed to keep Guantanamo operating forever.

2/20/15 Gareth Porter

Gareth Porter, an award-winning independent journalist, discusses how US diplomatic strategy on Iran nuclear negotiations gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leverage on the Obama administration.

2/20/15 Eric Margolis

Eric Margolis, an internationally syndicated columnist and author of American Raj, discusses the history of the current crisis in Ukraine, and why the US insists on picking a fight with nuclear-armed Russia.

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