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04/15/14 Full Show

04/14/14 Eric Margolis

Eric Margolis, an award-winning syndicated columnist, discusses how Ukraine war-fever resembles pre-WWI militarism; the American and British banks that benefit from an IMF bailout; Israel’s connection to Ukraine’s large Jewish population and ruling class; Russia’s ability to cause supply-chain problems for US troops in Afghanistan; and why the top Afghan presidential candidates all look like CIA assets.

04/14/14 John Glaser

John Glaser, editor of, discusses John Kerry’s surprising admission that Israel is to blame for sabotaging Israel-Palestine peace talks; how Jewish settlements in the West Bank hurt Israel’s security and make a Palestinian state untenable; and the Likud Party’s commitment to “the realization of Zionist values.”

04/14/14 Full Show

04/11/14 Full Show

04/11/14 Jonathan Landay

Jonathan Landay, a national security and intelligence reporter for McClatchy Newspapers, discusses the Senate report exposing the CIA’s lies about the effectiveness and severity of theirĀ enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) program; the shaky foundations of Justice Department legal opinions authorizing torture; the neoconservative group that pushed the Saddam-9/11 theory, leading to false confessions of prisoners under torture; and the Senate report’s controversial declassification process.

04/10/14 Jason Leopold

Jason Leopold, author of News Junkie, discusses what the Senate Intelligence Committee report says about CIA black sites; the secret CIA prisons in Poland, Guantanamo, Diego Garcia and Afghanistan; the experimental torture on Abu Zubaydah conducted before John Yoo’s infamous torture memos; and the huge increase in FOIA requests since the Snowden leaks.

04/10/14 Full Show

04/10/14 Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison, a senior editor at The American Conservative, discusses the pro-Russian protests in eastern Ukraine; the thousands of Russian troops gathered at Ukraine’s border, poised for invasion; US benevolent global hegemony vs. the real world; and NATO’s mission of “keeping the Germans down, the Russians out, and the Americans in.”

04/09/14 Clive Stafford Smith

Clive Stafford Smith, the founder and Director of Reprieve, discusses Shaker Aamer’s continued detention in Guantanamo despite being cleared for release by the Bush and Obama administrations; Aamer’s physical and psychological damage from severe torture and confinement; why the UK doesn’t want him back; and how Guantanamo has damaged the US’s reputation worldwide.