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1/26/16 Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss, founder of, discusses his January 2016 tour of Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories; why they will never be torn down; and why the two-state solution is nothing but rhetoric.

1/25/16 David Krajicek

David Krajicek, a contributing editor of The Crime Report and co-editor of Crime & Justice News, discusses his article “America’s Guilt Mill” about the thousands of innocent Americans wrongfully convicted of “lesser” crimes, and why groups like the Innocence Project don’t help them get exonerated.

1/25/16 David Mizner

David Mizner, a novelist and freelance journalist who writes about US foreign policy, discusses his article “The Effort To Exonerate Team USA for the Rise of ISIS.”

1/22/16 Daniel McAdams

Daniel McAdams, director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, discusses the upcoming Syria peace talks in Geneva, and why the opposition to the Assad government will be represented by Jaysh al-Islam – an ally of Al Qaeda.

1/21/16 David Vine

David Vine, associate professor of anthropology at American University in Washington, D.C., discusses how the US’s “empire of bases,” spread across at least 147 countries, are being used by special operations forces to enforce and maintain hegemony across the Middle East and Africa.

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