Wolfowitz brought back to take the fall for Condi?

by | Dec 6, 2007 | Stress Blog

In the lead-up to the Iraq invasion, the single most incriminating charge came when Colin Powell went before the U.N. with his laundry list of false wmd accusations. The neocons in and around the White House got Powell to do this for two reasons: not only was he the most credible voice, but he was also not a team player. They realized Powell would obstruct their war plans a few days after 9/11 when he was the sole opposition to striking Iraq immediately. Powell’s top aid calls the U.N. speech ‘a perpetration of a hoax’.
Only after the Iraq invasion turned into a total debacle did Powell admit that he tried to talk Bush out of attacking.

For the past few years, the neocons have been attempting to set up a new patsy to frame Iran and take the fall. They have been trying to get Condi Rice to go along with their plan but she has refused their pleas. After hiding the Iran NIE for the past year they have now been forced to liberate it. They are fuming over the NIE acquitting Iran of being a nuclear threat, so now they are turning to ‘Plan B’.

They are going back to a tried and true veteran of intelligence subversion. Paul Wolfowitz. The Strauss disciple who brought us such treasonous acts as: Team B, The Wolfowitz Doctrine, and The Project For the New American Century. He is getting rehired despite being fired last time around for his involvement in the AIPAC spy case and getting fired from the World Bank for secretly installing his girlfriend in a high paying position.

When he was number two at the Pentagon, as the Deputy Secretary of Defense, he promised us that Iraq’s oil would pay for the invasion and reconstruction. He also was in charge of the Office of Special Plans (OSP), whose job it was to rethink (stovepipe and cherry-pick) all of the intelligence outside of the CIA and other spy agencies. The OSP lead the charge in claiming that Iraq supported Al-Queda and therefore responsible for 9/11. When asked about why we invaded Iraq, he has since admitted that: “The truth is that for reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy, we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on which was weapons of mass destruction as the core reason.’ He has proven that he has no qualms about lying or taking one for the team.

So what is his mission? Well, the neocons could conveniently install him as Condi’s wmd and nuclear advisor. Check. Now all he has to do is to use some of his or his (mistress turned) girlfriend Shaha Riza’s contacts, perhaps from Mossad, to attack a U.S. target by detonating a bomb or launching a rocket inside Iraq and blame it on Iran are the likeliest scenarios. After the attack he will probably be the media point man and insist on immediate retaliation against Iran. They hope Iran will defend itself thereby justifying our full-scale blitzkrieg.

While his involvement in this plan may seem glaringly blatant, the neocons don’t care, as they have nothing to lose. They figure they only have one year to pull it off. They also know from experience that no matter how much they lie and murder, they will never be held accountable. Not by the complacent Congress, the toothless international community, nor the dumbed-down American population. That is for sure.