The reign of the Ineptocrats

by | May 21, 2007 | Stress Blog

I borrowed the term “Ineptocrat” from some Israelis who coined it to describe those who started their recent, futile, war in Lebanon…

Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Powell and the usual suspects.  A cursory review of their Iraq and Afghanistan policies since 9-11 reveals a disaster in terms of both human life and America’s once high standing in the eyes of the world.  Whatever “cred” the US once had in the world community is rapidly being poured out into the sands of both nations in a futile attempt to save face from their stupidity.

Most people with a bit of common sense now realize that the welfare of the people of these nations (America included) was one of the lowest priorities on the Ineptocrats’ list when they launched their wars.  This is what happens when we allow people who have never experienced the ravages of war to lead us into them.  Powell is the exception here and he is to be held more accountable because of his acquiescence to the Ineptocrats’ lies… When he had a chance to make a difference, he came up woefully short and followed his leader’s cue.

All of these nitwits should be tried and put into prison but in this day and age the chances of that happening are remote.  They are more likely to get some sort of award and be appointed to plum jobs on corporate boards…  It is time for Americans to wake up and support presidential candidates who speak the truth such as Ron Paul.  The failure to do so will only result in the election of more disingenuous demagogues such as Guliani, Clinton, Obama, McCain, etc. to high office and their leading of the nation into further folly.