The Iranian Threat and the Neo-Con War Lobby

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Stress Blog

Part of being an American today is being trained to be afraid all of the time and to want people all over the world killed for us in order to feel save. Our TV tells us to be scared of the entire world and that we live under constant danger.

This fear is the glue that now holds our system of government together. It makes us loyal to the government and also enables the military-industrial complex to make a lot of money.

It is this fear that makes so many of us willing to sit there as the Bill of Rights become eroded and replaced by a total surveillance national security deep state.

And it enables people like those in this video to make money off of our tax dollars:

There are two groups that essentially control the US government – Wall Street bankers and military-contractors.

These are the corporations that fund our Congress and represent their biggest donors.

Half the people in Congress are bothered by NSA programs, but half of them support them and many refuse to do anything about them in fear that they will lose their donor money. They sit there as the Bill of Rights is eroded and seem to care nothing about it.

Through the influence of Wall Street over the Federal Reserve we live in a situation in which the US economy has been devastated by crazy boom and bust monetary policies that are sending the nation towards an ultimate inflation explosion.

At the same time the defense contractors do not live in a free market in which prices are dictated by normal market forces of supply and demand, but in a state socialist system for the rich that acts as a parasite on the real economy and sucks the life out of the system.

To make us worship this system and thereby remain unquestionably obedient to it we must always be presented with an enemy to fear and hate.

I grew up during the Cold War and once it ended we had no real enemy for a few years.

During that time forces inside the Pentagon searched for a new mission and new enemy to position themselves against.

They first tried to position themselves as drug warriors. In the months after the invasion of Panama some in the Pentagon wanted to tool the army as a force to intervene throughout Central and South America to fight drug wars.

That move didn’t last long as a better idea came to the forefront – protecting the United States against “rogue states” and nations trying to create weapons of mass destruction. At the same time people inside the intelligence community tried to position themselves as people protecting the nation against terrorists.

The latter people didn’t do a very good job of this as they dropped their pants in the weeks leading up to the 9/11 terror attacks.

Saddam though provided a great villain enemy for all of us to fear and hate.

So Bush got him!

And terror boys in Afghanistan got smashed too.

That war is now winding down.

But we must always have an enemy to hate and fear so we can always be mobilized and loyal to the government and dependent on it for our survival… and crave more weapon spending out of our pockets.

And the truth is there is a segment of all populations that love to worship the government they are a citizen or subject of for the sense of belonging it gives them just as sports fans enjoy cheering their favorite team. History shows that these type of people will support any war or any killing on their behalf and will believe any form of propaganda that is fed to them. They love to have an enemy to hate. It doesn’t matter to them if that enemy is inside their nation or outside their nation or weak or strong. They must have their enemy.

So Iran today plays that role for them – and the big message pounded into our heads on Fox News and MSNC is that it is developing nuclear weapons and wants to destroy Israel.

Yes there are threats in the world. Iran is not our friend, but the threat and danger it represents is vastly overstated in the US media.

According to the CIA Iran has no nuclear weapons program at all and yet talking heads appear on American TV every day proclaiming that they have one. Many of these talking heads are flat out paid by defense lobby groups or militaristic political action committees to spread this message. Many were chickenhawks who never served in the military themselves – many avoided service in the Vietnam War – and yet they always promote wars for others to fight in when they never would have done so when they were younger. They pushed for the war in Iraq and many of them pushed for a war in Syria last year.

How many times have you been told in the past ten years that we were just a few months away from Israel bombing Iran and a new big war starting? I probably have gotten a hundred emails over the years from people asking what will happen to the stock market if Israel attacks Iran. None of this was ever going to happen. These war scares happened several times and every time it was a disinformation lie told to you.

In reality this Iran story is more fantasy than reality as investigative reporter and historian Gareth Porter details in his new book Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of The Iran Nuclear Scare.

If you want to learn about the world and go beyond sound bite TV check out this book by going here.

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