The GWOT Effect of Arms for Dictators

by | Oct 4, 2007 | Stress Blog

Rachel Stohl at FPIF:

During the first five years after Sept. 11, 2001 the United States sold nearly five times more weapons (through Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales ) to these 25 countries than during the five years before 9-11. Sales increased from $1,771,753,000 to $8,741,686,000. Total Direct Commercial Sales (DCS are sales directly between U.S. companies and recipients, including foreign governments) for the 25 countries since Sept. 11, 2001 have reached new highs, rising from $72 million between FY 97 and FY 01 to more than $3 billion between FY 02 and FY 06.

hmmm, then why is it the Iraqi government is contracting with China for $100M to arm their police at a better than 1 in 5 ratio? sounds to me like someone can’t keep up with the blood profiteers anymore in their obsession to create things out of thin air.