My letter to NH Sen. Jeanne Sheheen re. West Bank Settlements

by | Mar 25, 2010 | Stress Blog

Dear Senator Sheheen,

I am writing asking you to take a stand and support President Obama on the issue of settlement expansion in the West Bank of Palestine.

The Israeli government has been illegally occupying the West Bank since 1967 against UN242, and in so doing denying the native population the very rights that we as US citizens have fought wars to secure. And the Israelis do this using my hard-earned tax dollars.

The current efforts to build 1600 units of Jewish-only housing in Palestinian-owned East Jerusalem is an assault on our Constitution and values. It would be one thing if they where creating housing that anyone – Christian, Muslim, or Jew could live in. But to predicate qualification on an ethnic test is something that we Americans have consistently said “no” to.

How dare you send my tax dollars to support such blatant bigotry and racial bias. Please, stop this assault on American values and say “no” to Jewish-only settlement expansion in the West Bank.