Mother: my son’s school misused its power when it said the US misused its power

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Stress Blog

Kara Sands’s son came home one day from school with a perfect 100% score on a quiz that asked ‘Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?’ with the possible answers A) Other people just don’t like Americans, B) Decisions we made in the United States have had negative effects on people elsewhere, C) Terrorists hate everyone, or D) None of the above. The boy answered B.

This question and its correct answer are both misleading and a little annoying. Undoubtedly more people than just the mother and this writer believe they could have come up with something better, more educational. First off, the question asks ‘Why might’ leaving an air of uncertainty in any answer. Of course, the answer is rather certain whether you’d rather hear it from Paul Wolfowitz or Ron Paul. Then the answer states ‘Decisions we made’ opening up another can of worms I’ll address in a bit.

After posting on social media, Kara Sands took her shock and outrage to Fox News Channel as a guest on America Live with Megyn Kelly. Woe is them! Sands got things started saying that the school’s inculcation of her son was all well and good when it came to pledging allegiance to the flag and singing God Bless America but then she says their propaganda runs afoot!

‘They blame the US for the [9/11] attacks [by saying] we misuse our power? Well, no!’ frets Sands. Megyn Kelly attempts to top that with ‘Is this what we have to deal with now? We, we America, are to blame for the bad things that happen to us?’

This incessant ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ stuff is fallacious and revealing. Their moral outrage was about the treatment of the United States, then by extension the boy student. Which does Sands value more? Is her son there to worship the state? Is the state there to serve her child? Is she so desperate to prove her loyalty to the state that she would capitalize on her son’s situation?

At one point, Kelly asked Sands if she ‘pay[s] attention more than most [parents]?’ to which Sands replied, ‘I don’t know. Maybe I just speak out more.’

That is the average Fox News viewer summed up, isn’t it? Sands describes herself on Twitter as ‘Christian. Mom. Texan. Reagan Republican/Buckley Conservative. Political Junkie, Consultant & GOP Fundraiser.’ The words ‘and Fox News contributor’ have not been added yet.

Nobody disputes President Bill Clinton’s sanctions (not to mention bombings) on Iraq killed 500,000 children. Since 2004, 175 children have died from US drone strikes in Pakistan alone. But those parents’ shock and outrage isn’t as good on TV, so maybe that’s why Kara Sands reviles at her son’s quiz question. In addition to the outrage at the notion of blowback, Sands rightfully condemns the Bill of Rights part of the curriculum that claims ‘food and medicine’ are civil rights. Responsibility is for personal actions, not state actions or so she would like to have her son taught.