McCain Is An Iranian Asset

by | Sep 20, 2008 | Stress Blog

Among the instigators of the Iraq invasion, no one was more influential than Ahmed Chalabi. He was born in Iraq but lived in exile after being sentenced 22 years for embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars from Jordan’s Petra Bank. In 1992 he created a group aimed at getting America to overthrow Saddam Hussein: the Iraqi National Congress.

Throughout the 1990’s, Chalabi was able to extract many millions of taxpayer dollars from the U.S. Congress. This was largely thanks to the loudest INC cheerleader, John McCain.

In the run-up to the Iraq invasion, it was Dick Cheney who spearheaded the intelligence-gathering program. His two biggest tools were the Office of Special Plans and the INC. The OSP gave intel to Cheney that the CIA had already determined worthless such as the al Qaeda-Iraq links. And Chalabi, which the CIA had already concluded was a fraud, fed Cheney many bogus claims that Cheney repeated as fact. Such as the ‘Curveball’ mobile-bio-weapon labs lies, that we would be greeted ‘as liberators’ and he assured Cheney the post-invasion transition would be a breeze.

In 2004, Chalabi was caught by American intelligence passing top-secret information to Iran. He told the Iranians that the U.S. had broken their secret codes and was listening to all of their communications. The Americans knew who leaked this because they had broken the codes and they overheard a spy telling Tehran how Chalabi informed him. America only recently fully disowned Chalabi for being a little to cozy with Iran, again. It is logical to deduce that if Chalabi is secretly working for Iran, as the Defense Intelligence Agency concurs, they were likely pushing him when he conned McCain into convincing America to take out their primary enemy, Saddam Hussein.

An Iranian asset, Ahmed Chalabi, got John McCain to help trick America into attacking Iran’s biggest enemy, Iraq. And now Iran, by way of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, has more influence over the Iraqi government than the U.S. has. It seems the only two groups that have benefited from our invasion are our defense industry and Iran. John McCain is now an American hero and an Iranian hero.