Another retired General “speaks out”

by | Jun 4, 2007 | Stress Blog

Who is it this time?  None other than Ricardo Sanchez, former commander of the Iraq occupation.  Gen. Sanchez says that we have a crisis of “leadership” in America and must do better.  Wow, how did he figure that one out?  He does not think that America can “win” in Iraq although we may be able to “stave off defeat” by doing “the right things”.  How can we do this?  No doubt by applying the standard US foreign policy of the three “B’s”, a policy of guaranteed failure that no longer works in a complex world where news travels fast.  The three B’s stand for Bribe, Browbeat and BS… and when in doubt, kill a few thousand people to show ’em that you mean Business.  Another example of the continued pursuit of the misguided and maligned policy of our deluded leaders…  No thought of changing the policy, just that we have to do it “better”.