3rd hour – Mr. Burris – New Deal: 101

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Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal
An Annotated Bibliographic Guide

1. Introduction

The New Deal administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a critical watershed in the development of the welfare-warfare state in the United States. Precedents concerning public policy and ideology set during that period are still with us today. However there is much mythology and misunderstanding regarding FDR and the New Deal found in academic and popular historical accounts. Educated readers must sift through the volume of published works trying to ascertain the truthfulness and accuracy of these studies. Dr. Gary North recently pointed out that there exists no single critical analysis of this history, written on a scholarly academic level, which treats both domestic and foreign policies of Roosevelt’s New Deal and their consequences. While this is indeed true, there does in fact exist many volumes in print which undertake to explore and explain this period. This annotated bibliographic guide is an attempt to acquaint attentive readers with this literature regarding Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal. It is not meant to be the final word on historical documentary sources. Most of these titles can be found at Amazon.com or online at Mises.org.