The Scott Horton Show 8/14/12

Today on The Scott Horton ShowListen Live – Professor Alfred McCoy will be on to discuss America’s policy of torture and rendition. Legal scholar Marjorie Cohn will be on to talk about the use of chemical weapons by the U.S. in Vietnam. TAC’s Daniel Larison will be on examine Paul Ryan’s foreign policy. The Scott Horton Show airs 12-3 PM EST.

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One thought on “The Scott Horton Show 8/14/12”

  1. da99

    Suggestions for your speech:

    Everyone talks about the worst case scenario in a free market. “How would the free market save a puppy in a burning home surrounded by evil landowners who refuse to allow anyone on their property?”

    How about the worst case scenario of The State and representative govt? We don’t have to imagine it because we have it:

    1) Lily pad bases spread across the world, ready to grow into American towns on foreign soil.
    2) A traveling School of Americas where special forces train foreign armies to fight innocent people,
    3) The President and Secr. of Defense pronouncing Manning (an American citizen) guilty before he gets a fair trial.
    4) The US allying itself with devils worse than our “allies”. ( Libya, Syria, Uganda, etc)
    5) A population more concerned over gay marriage than on innocent people dying at Afghan wedding parties by drones.
    6) A population so indoctrinated and poorly informed, they are blind to the similiarities of the candidates of our so-called 2 party system.
    7) etc. etc. etc.

    Not even Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union could ever dream of a global empire that is the US in the year 2012. Unfortunately, the people who want liberty are a tiny minority. Unless you are planning on moving to a different country, you will continue to be less free for each month that goes by. Most of you are also too poor to relocate. Life is grim for the next couple of decades. Which is why I brought medicinal mijiuana for all of us. If we are going down with the ship, we might as well enjoy the ride.

    *Scott throws out the pot to the crowd and they cheer.*.

    Seriously, good luck. The crowd always loves you and you will gets lots of sympathy for the AntiWar Radio cutbacks.

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