The War at Home

Horton wants me to read Antiwar daily without regard to my fragile psyche. Meanwhile, we are in the last days of the old Republic, screaming without concern for who might be listening. Apparently, no one.

A former colleague of mine from 91.7 FM KOOP made a stunning defense of TSA‘s no toothpaste policy over beers with crusty punks. Keep in mind, this is an educated intelligent left liberal. What idiocy or lack of hygiene will we endure in the name of the faux-freedom/full security state?

As much as I rag on CPAs and chicks, Karen De Coster does have the answers.

7 thoughts on “The War at Home”

  1. steve C

    Karen had a good article on Thomas Sowell the other day. Sad. Very sad.
    I saw a Walter Williams piece on Iran/Syria and he appeared to be going this way as well.

  2. Sinister Exaggerator

    Angela, you rotten subversive commie rat.

    No really, I think what you (and all of us who love liberty) need to do is quietly plan an orderly retreat from this looming shadow falling on America. I’m talking someting along the lines of the Ice Planet of Hoth or something, to raise a gratuitious Star Wars metaphor.

    Folks, get a passport before they require retinal scan information to be imprinted in one. If the FSP doesn’t work, consider some other free land. There’s no way to go up against a Death Star unless you have the secret plans, the tactical readout of that battle station. Oh geez, there I go with another Star Wars metaphor.

    Of course, hope the best and work for far more. But ultimately, keep in mind the worst case scenario.

    This worst case doesn’t seem to me to be any more particularly farther away with Mommy Statism (the Dems) or the (pimp) Daddy Statists (the Repuds).

  3. Carlos

    This is just another feel good measure invented by the Bush Junta to make the sheople think that he gives a thimble full of rat urine for what actually might happen to them if some misguided fundamentalist religious zealot decides to bring down a commercial airliner. We only have the word of a few govt. investigators that any commercial airliner has ever been brought down by a terrorist bomb(Lockerby). With the upcoming elections, the Repubicans are facing both the loss of the HOR and their majority at the state governors level. I’m fairly sure that we might just get that predicted terrorist attack and there’s nothing that Bush&Co. will do to stop it.

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