No Agenda Radio

Starting Monday August 19 at noon eastern time I’m moving the live show to NoAgenda Radio.

It’s been a great couple of years at the Liberty Radio Network. It’s run by some great folks who’ve stood by me when I needed them, and I’ll always be grateful.

Ian Freeman has agreed to continue playing the archives of the show in LRN’s podcast loop, so that’s not really going far at all.

Thanks to Jack Blood for inviting me to join him and Adam Curry, former host of the Headbanger’s Ball on MTV and podcasting pioneer, on this new project, No Agenda Radio.

See yall there.

4 thoughts on “No Agenda Radio”

  1. slayerboy


    Sad to see you leaving LRN, but glad you’re moving over to another one of my favorite show’s streams!

  2. Joe Moraca

    This is sudden news. Now if being on the noagenda stream means you can play music instead of the commercials on LRN I guess I like it… even though noagenda (which I have listened to since the beginning) seems to be less “plumb-line” libertarian and a bit more conspiracy theory….

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