Ray McGovern Interview

Tuesday afternoon I spoke with former CIA analyst and founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Ray McGovern, about his confrontation last Thursday with “Defense” Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about his lying us into war with Iraq, Lt. Gen. Hayden’s appointment to run the CIA, the fight between the CIA and Pentagon over covert operations, the likelihood of war with Iran and why government employees ought to rat on their bosses.

Last year’s interview.

[Editorial Note: These interviews are being conducted using the excellent VOIP program Gizmo. We highly recommend it. It uses the open source SIP protocol for VOIP, and the open source Jabber protocol for chatting. Gizmo is available for all platforms, Windows (yeccch), Linux, and Apple. It’s also possible to buy what are called SIPPhones, which can communicate directly with Gizmo via ordinary phone lines for free (there is a fee for using the SIP service, the same as there would be for using the regular phone lines). Check out Jon Watson’s interview with Gizmo founder (and great entrepreneur) Mike Robertson (move slider to the 32 minute mark).]


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  1. devilchild

    One of the most moving moments of the year, in fact, the moment when Ray McGovern stood up to Rummy. His later play by play on your show was funny and sad. “…i have a strong stomach and so I was not made physically sick by the Secretary’s words…but…” or something like that. Almost moved me to tears.

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