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Everything’s Gonna Turn Out Fine

While reading Justin Raimondo's excellent biography of Murray N. Rothbard, I came across a great bit he had about the ultimate victory of liberty - and I don't mean it in the "you can't stop the expansion of our government" sense that our great leader employs in his...

Progressive Klansmen

Jesse Walker, one of the few libertarians left over at Reason Magazine, has written a great piece about the rise of the second Ku Klux Klan in the Wilson era and how progressive (as in progressively more and more government until we're all dead) they were. Check it...

Day of Deceit

When I first heard the accusation that FDR had deliberately allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor, on this day in 1941, I thought it impossible. That would be like saying we did it to ourselves. But it turned out that I was wrong. All that it meant was that some...

Welcome to the new blog!

Named in honor of Bill Hicks' childhood band and the brick weed I was raised on, it's called Stress. It's been put together by Brandon Snider, and will have all kinds of great stuff on it soon.

Recent Episodes of the Scott Horton Show

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Recent Episodes of the Scott Horton Show

US-Backed Jundullah Terrorists Murder Iranian Cops

Not that I care about Iranian cops, just pointing out that the U.S. backs private terrorist groups all the time. Even this Post article reminds us that the CIA supports these thugs, though they forgot to mention Andrew Cockburn's scoop about the recent $300 million...

Glenn Greenwald Will Stay a Good One

When the Dems are back in the White House. See him comment on Iraq Obombya's (Thanks Bob.) support for the new wiretapping/amnesty bill. One point of disagreement with you, Glenn. Barack is indeed as bad as McCain, it's just that McCain is...

McCain flip flops on war for oil

I just came across a clip on Lew Rockwell in which John McCain is attacking Ron Paul for suggesting the Iraq war is, in part, about oil, so i thought i would whip together this little video showing the clip juxtaposed with another clip of McCain admitting troops are...

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