6/22/18 Gareth Porter on the Singapore Summit

Gareth Porter comes back on the show to give his thoughts on the recent Singapore summit. The center left and center right establishments, according to Porter, hysterically oppose efforts at diplomacy, in part because they’ve tied themselves to opposing everything...

4/14/18 Gareth Porter on Trump’s bombing of Damascus

Investigative reporter and historian Gareth Porter returns to the show to discuss Donald Trump’s decision to bomb the Assad government in Damascus. Porter explains how the evidence has been repeatedly massaged to misconstrue what is ambiguous as what is clear—and that...

3/28/18 Gareth Porter on the history of Iraq War 2

Investigative journalist and historian Gareth Porter returns to the show to do a deep dive on the history of the Iraq War. Porter begins by detailing the role of the air force in propagating the neoconservatives’ goals and the behind-the-scenes struggle for power that...
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