8 thoughts on “No more live weekday show”

  1. Jay P Hailey

    Scott, please, a little more detail here would be nice.

    Also I don’t just like your interviews. I do enjoy you telling me your analysis of what’s going on.

    Please interview Scott some and keep me updated.

  2. Mike

    I’m so confused. Please some explanation! You’ve taught me so much Scott, not just with the interviews, but with your analysis between the interviews. Nothing like a good Scott Horton rant.

    Does this have something to do with wanting to spend more time on your book?

  3. LW

    Scott, I listened to your explanation of the new direction and wish you the best, and have added the “just the interviews” feed to my RSS client.

    FWIW, I enjoy and am enlightened by your interviews, but also like your solo discussion/”rants”. My suggestion is that if you read something and don’t get an interview lined up in whatever you think is a reasonable amount of time, then just ‘interview yourself’ on the subject for 20 minutes or so and post that. Either way, I’ll keep listening and supporting your work.


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