04/30/10 – David Paul Hammer – The Scott Horton Show

Death row inmate David Paul Hammer, author of Deadly Secrets: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing, discusses the mysterious “Major” and “Poindexter” characters that Timothy McVeigh claimed help instigate and advance the Oklahoma City bombing plot, Andreas Strassmeir’s role in leading the Aryan Republican Army’s military wing, why McVeigh believed that his execution would be faked – and therefore didn’t want an autopsy, Hammer’s claim that FBI agents offered him a life sentence in exchange for holding back his book, the strict limitations on media interviews of death row inmates despite court decisions allowing them, the FBI PATCON plan to infiltrate and discredit right-wing militia movements in the 1990s, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s connection to Elohim City informants and why John Does two and three were most likely Richard Guthrie and Michael Brescia.


One thought on “04/30/10 – David Paul Hammer – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. walt

    How dare this host put himself on a righteous pedestal and make the opening comment about just not taking the word of a convicted murder on death row. In truth, you dont just take ANYONEs word at face value, but you research and apply all the laws of common sense and investigation to it. just because someone is on death row does not make them less than you. YOU deserve to be on death row too if you’ve ever even wished someone dead. This man killed someone in prison who got into confrontation with him. In prison, it’s survival mode. You may have done the same thing. And he is only on death row because the govt. is trying to bully him into silence. I appreciate you having him on, and for that Im grateful, BUT, I am highly ashamed of your condescending attitude toward him as a person simply because he killed someone as an act of self defense and survival. This doesn’t justify his act. People have such a false idea of prison inmates and ride way too much on their high horse of righteousness, when in truth they are just as guilty in many ways.

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