4 thoughts on “3/8/13 John Feffer”

  1. James Robinson

    Pu 239 is the “waste” product of light water reactors, all light water reactors. It was the fuel for the two of the first three nuclear detonations, Trinity Site and Nagasaki. Want non proliferation? Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR).
    The reason nocturnal satellite photos of the Korean peninsula show a brightly illuminated south and a dark north are the unparalleled (except for Japan) access to the flush American market granted to the ROK . The US pumped Japan and the ROK full of post WWII dollars. (It should be noted that after having destroyed the better part of the world’s industry through “Bombs Away! with Curtiss Lemay’s” stategic bombing campaign,the US emerged from WWII with 50% of the world’s wealth and industrial capacity). If the DPRK had had such access, it might shine a good deal brighter in the night sky.

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