01/19/14 Hillary Mann Leverett

Hillary Mann Leverett, professor of US foreign policy at American University, discusses Obama’s apparent victory against additional Senate-imposed Iran sanctions; the rare instances when the national interest trumps powerful foreign lobbies; how Israel and Saudi Arabia would benefit from US-Iran rapprochement (despite their kicking and screaming); and how the US could help broker peace in Syria without picking sides in the conflict.


2 thoughts on “01/19/14 Hillary Mann Leverett”

  1. eCAHNomics

    Easy to diffuse senate. Menendez is blackmailable, something about underage prostitutes in Dominican Republic.

    Major flip in U.S. foreign policy underway, away from Saudis, toward Syria, Iran. Signs around since Iran election, though we now know negotiations underway before that.

    Don’t know truth of matter since so many bogus reports about Bandar, death-squad Negroponte mentee, Ford avers that Bandar is in the U.S. recovering from bout of insanity. http://www.almanar.com.lb/english/adetails.php?eid=131228&frid=23&seccatid=20&cid=23&fromval=1

    Kissinger was policy maker for Nixon in China. Who is policy maker behind this U.S. foreign policy 180?

    Sorry for Syria & Iran, since being U.S. ally has rarely benefited latter.

    But they’ll have time to learn that later.

  2. Claus Eric Hamle

    If they get 67 votes, gas and everything else will cost 5 times more because of the closure of the Strait of Hormuz as one response to the attack. And they can sink all ships in the Persian Gulf with supersonic Silkworm cruise missiles they bought in China. But 16 US Intelligence Agencies still confirm that if they ever worked to get a bomb, that work stopped completely in 2003.

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