Former LRC Writer Killed by San Diego Cops

See Lew Rockwell.

Incidentally, this is the kind of thing that the government will continue to do even if the better conservatives were to get their dream “republic” implemented. Seeing as I consider the police state a major threat to liberty and property rights

2 thoughts on “Former LRC Writer Killed by San Diego Cops”

  1. Scott


    I would like to think that if we did have an extremely limited constitutional government, that the people would be able to keep the state’s few functions under control. That they do so much now, we can’t restrain the basic local murder by cop.

    As to whether or not conservatism has always been the philosophy of state power, I’ll site you:
    “Republicans have always done a lot of meddling in the American economy. Nixon imposed wage and price controls, Reagan practiced protectionism, Bush the First signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. The regulatory neo-mercantilism of the Republican Party, especially as it ties in to the warfare state, has been a core feature of its program since the 1860s. Before that, it was the conservative Hamiltonians who desired a national bank and government funding for national infrastructure. In recent administrations, Republicans have been famous for agricultural welfare, corporate subsidies, and other giveaways to certain friends of theirs.”

  2. Anthony Post Author

    Scott, the extremely limited constitutional government you and I want, or would dream of compared to the present situation and would settle for in a heartbeat, is not the same as the “constitutional government” that even the best conservatives want, except maybe the very best, like Will Grigg, whom I respecfully don’t consider a conservative but rather a libertarian who knows proper English, understands the importance of family, and wears a tie.

    The “constitutional government” the conservatives want is, at the very best, one that lets conservatives keep more of their money, rather than having to spend it on food stamps for poor people. The feds might stay out of state politics, which, as a decentralist, I favor. But state politics will not stay out of your home. As a decentralist in the real sense, that I cannot favor.

    Local cops will still exist in a republic, and they will probably be at least as oppressive in the red states as in the blue.

    Conservatives love cops. They love the warfare state. And most of them don’t mind the corporate state. Libertarians with a sense of traditional culture are not conservatives.

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