09/08/16 – Todd Gitlin – The Scott Horton Show

Todd Gitlin, a professor of journalism and sociology at Columbia University, discusses the very real risks of nuclear war and why nobody’s finger – least of all Donald Trump’s – should be on the nuclear trigger.


9 thoughts on “09/08/16 – Todd Gitlin – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Ricky J. Moore II

    This is a perfect example of why Progressives are useless, because Washington is Progressive and it’s Tribe over truth. They just can’t help themselves, no matter what they say they’re imperialist, state-worshiping nuts who don’t understand anything but their cult nonsense about muhEquality.

  2. Corkwy

    I do not agree with this guy on Trump vs Hillary. His whole argument is based on conjecture and the fact he doesn’t like Trump while coveniently ignoring her record. What is it with some of these people as they cannot see elephants in the room?

  3. Troy

    Gitlin doesn’t get that Hilary has these advisers because she thinks their opinions are valuable. For example, if I hired an expert in diplomatic relations that believes Chinese people are inhuman monsters, even if I’m a “smart, reasonable” person, I would at least consider his input valuable and may even follow through on occasion, if not most of time.

  4. Marko

    Jeez who is this Hillary fanboy? He even regurgitated the Trump-is-controlled-by-Putin conspiracy theory. Critical thinking much?


    Mr Gitlin suffers from the liberal tunnel vision of believing he’s “smart” while non-liberals are stupid rubes. Scott was way more knowledgeable than him but the guy couldn’t acknowledge it. Where’s the proof that Hillary is as intelligent as he is claiming? Devious and cunning like Stalin,yes, but intelligent?

  6. Hammersmith

    Professor Gitlin reminds me of the saying: “Americas are ignorant (speaking clinically now), but they are ideological, so they believe whatever they want to.” In other words, we make it up as we go along.

    Gitlin (whose professorship is predictable in journalism and sociology–two of the most washed out disciplines in academia) will be defending HRC when we are all standing in a pile of nuclear rubble, and he will remain clueless.

    I am glad you did not let him off the hook.

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