09/08/16 – Shashank Bengali – The Scott Horton Show

Shashank Bengali, South Asia correspondent for the LA Times, discusses why the Iranian nuclear agreement reached early this year hasn’t created the economic and jobs recovery promised by President Rouhani; and the likely return of anti-American hard-line politicians like Ahmadinejad if conditions don’t improve before elections in 2017.


2 thoughts on “09/08/16 – Shashank Bengali – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. FleshyAbundance

    Ahh only talk to the middle class, fuck the poor! They can’t save money, and they are angry and ignorant and don’t understand that the US only means good. It is too bad they kinda outnumber the middle class and they are as smart and capable of reasoning as idiot horton or Bengali.Neoliberals and libertarians, go together like pigs and shit.

  2. Moz

    A disaster ??? I travel and have a large family contingent in Iran, I know people living like kings mortgage free not only for themselves but for their extended families. I know a taxi driver who owns his own villa and has recently knocked down his home and built a apartment block( would love to see a taxi driver in the USA, England or Europe own his own villa and live mortgage free. Yes there is poverty like EVERY other country , but disaster is the African continent, Indonesia , Vietnam, Libya, Egypt, Phillipines , North korea , and all of Eastern Europe, and nearly the whole black population in the United states. Oh yeah add India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri lanka as countires in which IRANIANS also have a much higher quality of life……economy in iran is struggling yes and many of the people below the poverty line are the nearly 2 million afghan refugees ……but a disaster is just absolute propaganda ….but I don’t expect more from la times.

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