09/30/16 – Joe Lauria – The Scott Horton Show

Veteran journalist and UN correspondent Joe Lauria updates Scott on the latest from Syria and Iraq. The attack on Mosul is likely to begin in mid October, and Islamic state may have deserted large portions of the city. If true, it could mean less civilian casualties due to US aerial bombardment of the city during the Iraqi and Peshmerga operation. Lauria discusses the possibility that the ISIL fighters from Mosul may have left and gone to Syria, where they are fighting the Assad regime. Russia and the Assad regime are increasingly frustrated with and at odds with the Americans and their allies, and they’ve begun to attack Aleppo without restraint after the collapse of the cease fire. The Americans have responded by charging that the Russians are committing war crimes at the UN.  Get all of the updates in this interview.


One thought on “09/30/16 – Joe Lauria – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Erik du Fresne

    Mister Horton,

    As time has elapsed I have begun to: form the: suspicion that the (both: pro-war {and: anti-war}) Israel firsters are just trying to: divert our nations peoples attention from the: real ear that idle being fought against our: nations people (right here with in “our” one federal governments own: borders of (technical) “authority” (as evidenced by the {seemingly: innumerable}: cases featured on the: following web page):


    I am only emailing you to inform you of this suspicion be cause I have travelled through some of the: most dangerous areas of this (“United” States of: American) nations territory and I was fortunate enough to: be: able to: escape with my: life, and so I wanted to: warn you (and: hope fully you will be able to: warn your: readers {and [or]: listeners} of the: evil that may soon be perpetrated against them)?

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