08/22/13 – Ron Paul – The Scott Horton Show

Former Congressman Ron Paul discusses his video interviews on the Ron Paul Channel; why the US has no business telling Egyptians what to do with their own country; lessening the terrorism threat with non-interventionist foreign policy; how Obama’s “red line” on Syria bypasses Congress’s duty to declare war; the incentive for Syrian rebels to conduct false flag chemical weapons attacks; and the selective prosecution of whistleblowers and war criminals.


4 thoughts on “08/22/13 – Ron Paul – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Muslims

    Muslims have no voice: aljazeera is americaTVdajjal and arabtimes is a Zion tool. Khalifah Aaed have no passport= no country=no rights even if he owns lands in Jordan-Palestine-USA (died alive so Mubarak/Abodz/Obama can enjoy theirSharm alshiekh palaces).

  2. Walter Cole

    The disadvantage of staying out of things in the ME and N. Africa is that we would not be creating the enemies that our leaders strongly feel they need in order to sell the “War of Terror” and “New World Order”. I doubt that our acts of creating hatred and enemies is just through stupidity – if the country has no enemies, then business will not be as profitable for the money lenders manufacturers of killing machines.

  3. James Robinson

    I,too, was a bit reluctant to subscribe to Ron Paul’s channel, but did so, and can testify that I have no regrets. His interview with Greenwald was superb. Ron’s a bit awkward as a news anchor, but being the world’s foremost champion of liberty……I’ll cut him some slack.

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