08/14/12 – Daniel Larison – The Scott Horton Show

Daniel Larison of The American Conservative discusses Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s terrible foreign policy views; the bipartisan consensus on worldwide interventionism and American exceptionalism; and the prospects for war and peace in a Romney administration.


2 thoughts on “08/14/12 – Daniel Larison – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Chris Ferrell


    I talked to a US Army Lt. who was in the States after two deployments to Kandahar province. He plans to re-up, which is as hard to understand as the wife who returns to the husband that beats her. Anyway I took advantage f th opportunity talk to the guy and I asked hi about green on blue killings. Specifically I asked “we hear a lot about green on blue killings, but how many blue on green killings are there?”

    So he told me “oh, we kill more of them, than they kill us”. I cannot find any statistics online that evn hint at the number of Afganistan Police and Army that have been killed by Americans. This fellow told me that the tensionis intense in some places.

    Have you seen any statistics on blue on green killings?

  2. Orville H. Larson

    Lyin’ Paul Ryan is an utter fraud. He’s a bailout- and corporate welfare-loving hack. And he’s a chickenhawk neocon scumbag. Of course, so is Romney.

    (By the way, Lew Rockwell’s blog reports that Ryan’s high school classmates voted Ryan “biggest brown-noser.” It figures.)

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