07/25/16 – Jeffrey Carr – The Scott Horton Show

Jeffrey Carr, a cyber intelligence expert and CEO of Taia Global, Inc., discusses his fact-checking of Josh Marshall’s TalkingPointsMemo article that claims a close alliance between Trump and Putin; and why the individuals blaming Russia for the DNC email hack are more motivated by politics than solid evidence.


One thought on “07/25/16 – Jeffrey Carr – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Kolokol

    Climategate detective Norfolk police’s Julian Gregory:
    “So all that early speculation that a Russian server was involved so it must be a Russian, etc, was meaningless speculation?

    Absolutely. We’re not getting into naming countries, but I think it’s fair to say that most continents were involved. As you know, you can be sitting on your computer, and causing something to happen on the other side of the world with a few clicks of the mouse.”

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