07/25/16 – Adam Johnson – The Scott Horton Show

Adam Johnson, a contributing writer for Alternet, discusses the US media’s constant vilification of Donald Trump in words and images; The Daily Beast’s accusations that Trump is like Richard Nixon, Joseph Goebbels, Stalin, Nero, and the Ayatollah; and Slate’s hit piece that implies Trump is Vladimir Putin’s puppet being used to destroy the West.


2 thoughts on “07/25/16 – Adam Johnson – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Ted

    Why is the audio on your guests’ side sometimes so difficult to understand. It’s like they’re speaking with a mouth full of marbles.

  2. Tom Mauel

    Cenk Ugar at the Young Turks made the claim that Trump did not realize Russia was already in Ukraine. Implying that Crimea was still part of Ukraine or something. Ugar is the one who is clueless about the U.S. and NATO role in provoking the civil war in Ukraine. Another ignorant loud month liberal who does not know anything about the U.S. sponsored fascist takeover of Ukraine.

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