6/14/17 Joe Lauria on ‘How I Lost by Hillary Clinton’

Judging by the stance of the leadership of the Democratic Party and much of the media, Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss in the presidential election of November 2016 was all the fault of pernicious Russian leaks, unwarranted FBI investigations and a skewed electoral college. Rarely blamed was the party’s decision to run a deeply unpopular candidate on an uninspiring platform.

At a time of widespread dissatisfaction with business-as-usual politics, the Democrats chose to field a quintessential insider. Her campaign dwelt little on policies, focusing overwhelmingly on the personality of her opponent.

That this strategy was a failure is an understatement. Losing an election to someone with as little competence or support from his own party as Donald Trump marked an extraordinary fiasco.

The refusal of the Democratic leadership to identify the real reasons for their defeat is not just a problem of history. If Democrats persevere with a politics that prioritizes well-off professionals rather than ordinary Americans, they will leave the field open to right wing populism for many years to come.

Drawing on the WikiLeaks releases of Clinton’s talks at Goldman Sachs and the e mails of her campaign chief John Podesta, as well as key passages from her public speeches, How I Lost By Hillary Clinton also includes extensive commentary by award-winning journalist Joe Lauria, and a foreword by Julian Assange, editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks.

It provides, in the words of the Democratic candidate and her close associates, a riveting, unsparing picture of the disastrous campaign that delivered America to President Trump, and a stark warning of a mistake that must not be repeated.

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2 thoughts on “6/14/17 Joe Lauria on ‘How I Lost by Hillary Clinton’”

  1. paul

    This interview, like all your interviews, would be so much better if you let your guest speak more and if you talked less.

  2. Luther Blissett

    Please stop conflating liberalism and ‘leftist’ politics. That is MSM propaganda stuff. I can differentiate and defend anti-war libertarians as different from the reactionary right, return the favour.

    The core of leftism is anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism so calling the modern corporate media ‘leftist’ is coo-coo coco puffs. The moral panic over identity politics is the essence of liberal individualism not anything ‘leftist’. The hardcore Democrats *hate* the left, they destroy them domestically and kill them internationally! So calling Clinton part of the ‘liberal-left’ is nonsensical.

    The very term ‘liberal-left’ is crazy and only serves to give cover to pro-war liberals.

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