02/15/16 – Sheldon Richman – The Scott Horton Show

Sheldon Richman, now a regular columnist at Antiwar.com, discusses the volatile mixture of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, free trade policies, and American jobs.


One thought on “02/15/16 – Sheldon Richman – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Anti-globalist

    In Adam Smiths day, companies had a charter clause to work for the public good. So a company that has grown up in a nation has no loyalty to that nation? This is rootless globalisms at its worst. iPhone are made in China as he realised and the programmers are being shipped in from India — his new jobs in mobile programming? Wages have stayed stagnant for a decade in programming. This is just Utopianism, jet setting globalism. Why expect loyalty from fellow citizens if you don’t from our companies?

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