02/27/13 – Jeffrey Carr – The Scott Horton Show

Jeffrey Carr, founder and CEO of Taia Global Inc., discusses why information security (InfoSec) companies are quick to blame China – often with little evidence – for hacking/espionage operations; Mandiant’s weak case against Chinese hacker group...

The Scott Horton Show 2/26/13

Today on the show: Trevor Timm from EFF and the Leveretts on Going to Tehran. 12-2 eastern http://scotthorton.org http://noagendastream.com  http://talkstreamlive.com

02/26/13 – Trevor Timm – The Scott Horton Show

Trevor Timm of the Electronic Frontier Foundation discusses how the Freedom of the Press Foundation provides a fundraising medium for investigative journalism projects and controversial media organizations like WikiLeaks; the opposition to police surveillance drones...
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