Frank Rich Poops His Pants

Goodness-gracious. Via Lew Rockwell is this ridiculous rant by Frank Rich essentially naming the entire populist right and libertarian movements as culprits in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, the recent Austin Kamikaze attack and, well, pretty much anything bad that...

got gulf war illness?

19 years after the first war against Iraq – or the start of the current one, depending on your point of view – U.S. veterans with various Gulf War illnesses are still in the lurch. Says here now John D. Rockefeller the IV (D-W.VA) is going to set...

Stress Lives!

Nuts to Facebook. The Stress Blog is now re-opened for bidness. Any of y’all in the authors’ list over there, please feel free to start posting whatever you want again. I’ll do the same.

02/26/10 – Kirkpatrick Sale – The Scott Horton Show

Kirkpatrick Sale, director of the Middlebury Institute, discusses Vermont’s secessionist movement that derives from the state’s unique historical independence, the need to scrap the US Constitution due to its failure to preserve freedom and liberty, the inverse...
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