Islamic Bomb

Sorry to distract from all the Dictatorship Day celebrations, but nuclear physicist and regular contributor, Gordon Prather, reminds us that the Middle Eastern countries being targeted (Iraq, Iran, Syria) in this Phony “Global War on Terror”...

Congress Gives Bush Broad New Powers

The New York Times: The U.S. Senate approved a measure on Thursday on the interrogations and trials of terrorism suspects, establishing far-reaching rules to deal with what President George W. Bush has called the most dangerous combatants in a different type of war....

Hugo Chavez: Sick Evil Commie Rat Thief

From the Free Liberal via Norman Singleton at LRC: “On September 20, 2006, Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez spoke to the General Assembly of the United Nations, calling U.S. president George Bush a “devil.” Crossing himself, his face revealing...

Socialist Man in the Big Easy

Hey everyone, check out this great article by Vedran Vuk from, via LRC, about the disasterous effects of government “welfare” in post-hurricane New Orleans.
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