1/3/18 Muhammad Sahimi on the protests in Iran

USC professor Muhammad Sahimi returns to the show to discuss the latest developments in the protests in Iran,  describes how the current regime is responsible for the justified grievances of the people protesting, and explains why some people fear regime change given the opportunistic nature of .the Trump administration, the aftermath of post-Gaddafi Libya, and the role of the Iranian far right in fomenting the protests. Sahimi then explains how the Iran Deal has backfired for Rouhani who over-promised and under-delivered on the economic benefits and the potential consequences of Trump killing the deal. Finally Sahimi explains why he thinks full-scale revolution is unnecessary, that the Supreme Leader is the problem with Iranian politics, and what he believes is necessary for peaceful reformation.

Muhammad Sahimi is the NIOC Chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California and a contributor at Antiwar.com and the Huffington Post.

Discussed on the show:

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2 thoughts on “1/3/18 Muhammad Sahimi on the protests in Iran”

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  2. John Ellis

    “Welcome to my world, won’t you come on in?
    Miracles, I guess… Still happen now and then.”

    Gentlemen, greetings to you of the intelligent, privileged, highly educated and glorified middle-class, you middle-speed thinkers who are too smart to do manual drudgery for dirt wages, but still too slow of thought to ever be rich.

    For we are laboring men, the slaves of society as we are the 2.3 million men who do prison labor in Empire USA. And as killer-cops know that we are deliberately kept enslave by poverty, they feel that we are fit to kill and so dangerous a critter that if we should act angry, hostile, contemptuous or dangerous, that it is time for our execution before we do harm to those of the privileged and educated upper-half of society. For your upper-half owns all the land, wealth, political power and healthcare, so, 1,150 of us laboring men must be wasted each year to keep the peace and wealth flowing up-up.

    Comes now the laboring men of Iran and as their unemployment rate is never publicized for slave-labor purposes, like in the USA it hovers between 30% to 50%. And so, now that everyone but laboring men are getting some benefit from the new budget, in every little town and village in Iran can be seen men in grubby work cloths expressing angry, hostile, contemptuous or dangerous language. And as in USA, one has to wonder how many are being gunned down by killer-cops who get some kind of sadistic pleasure in the doing of it.

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