12/6/17 Nasser Arrabyee on Saleh’s death and the latest breaking news in Yemen

Nasser Arrabyee returns to the show to discuss the latest developments in Sana’a where ex-Houthi leader Ali Abdullah Saleh was assassinated by his former Houthi allies. Arrabyee explains that the Saleh-Houthi alliance was always one of convenience and was bound to end—but that no one was expecting it to happen during the war. Arrabyee believes that the beginning of the conflict goes back to August when Houthis clashed with Saleh supporters. Arrabyee now sees two possible options in the wake of Saleh’s death: 1) Yemenis will continue to fight Saudi Arabian aggression behind a united Houthi front or 2) they will attempt to disband the Houthi movement altogether. Arrabyee believes that Saleh made a massive miscalculation in his dramatic about-face—and that none of his many supporters came to his defense—but that Saudi Arabia made an even bigger one. Arrabyee then does his best to predict what will happen next. Finally Scott asks about the reported cases of close to a million cases of cholera and the new outbreak of diphtheria.

Nasser Arrabyee is a Yemeni journalist based in Sana’a, Yemen. He is the owner and director of yemen-now.com. You can follow him on Twiiter @narrabyee.

Discussed on the show:

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One thought on “12/6/17 Nasser Arrabyee on Saleh’s death and the latest breaking news in Yemen”

  1. John Ellis

    Slow thinkers most honest — Fast thinkers rob you blind

    The last two dictators of Yemen, Saleh and Hadi, they were cousins and herein is the root cause of all problems in the Middle-East. For Yemen like Saudi Arabia is ruled by hundreds of tribes and the head of each one is the most intelligent man in the tribe. And as brains like hansom good looks pass from father to son, be it impoverished Yemen or super-rich Saudi Arabia, a nobility rule is perpetual.

    Problem is, a pride driven ego comes free with high intelligence, higher education, wealth or whiteness of skin, making greed the only motivation in life. A better way, let we humble, slow and careful thinking laboring men run government, for ability to lie is in direct proportion to intelligence and the last thing we need in life is the most intelligent liars running government.

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