12/06/16 – Mark Perry – The Scott Horton Show

Mark Perry, author of Talking to Terrorists: Why America Must Engage with its Enemies, discusses why incoming Secretary of Defense James Mattis harbors a grudge against Iran; why military officers are a poor fit for civilian oversight positions in government; and Trump’s overestimation of his presidential powers and ability to “give orders.”


One thought on “12/06/16 – Mark Perry – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Luther Blissett

    Always nice to hear Scott clattering on the keyboard when the guest mentions something interesting. I like these free-flowing interviews.

    According to Perry the militarist right is embolden by Trump’s victory and there is a “chilling effect” against balanced military reporting. Add in the past month of regular media appearances by Cpt. James Woolsey (Navy) to frame the incoming administration in terms of fighting Iran to protect Israel. Now add a list of appointees who all hate Iran and the nuclear treaty – with the major appointments going to the high priests of the Marine “cult” with human blood still wet on their hands.

    If this is supposed to be some sort of head-fake/right-cover for a peacenik Trump I’ll admit to being convinced – cause it looks like war with Iran to me. Any scenario that involves Donald “the unfiltered Id” Trump, James “Mad Dog” Mattis and Mike “Flynn Facts” Flynn talking the other ones out of attacking Iran seems highly delusional.

    Every time a smart person say there are no neo-cons in the Trump administration my brain hurts. Trump’s “senior national security adviser” (the term used by Politico) is R.J. Woolsey who was inducted into the neo-cons by Paul Nitze, and has represented the warrior/’prussian’/neo-con faction within the CFR ever since. There are more blatant neo-cons be there is no spookier, old-school neo-con. You can’t even say the ‘Democrat faction of the neo-cons’ have been evicted since Woolsey is an admitted Democrat-for-life.

    Anybody for can look at the Woolsey-Flynn-Ledeen-Bolton axis and doesn’t see a pack of neo-cons should at least have to explain themselves. Until I’m dissuaded the summer recruiting of Woolsey and Flynn seems like the defining act of the Trump admin.

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