12/04/15 – Chris Woods – The Scott Horton Show

Chris Woods, an investigative journalist and leader of the Airwars project, discusses the growing coalition of Western countries bombing Syria after the Paris terrorist attacks; and Donald Trumps declared intention to kill the families of terrorist suspects.


3 thoughts on “12/04/15 – Chris Woods – The Scott Horton Show”

    1. johnnyreb

      Yes hbm he seems to be part of the ‘Assad must go’ crowd. along with the ‘Russia bad’ brigade.

  1. Ryan

    Total propaganda why did you have this tool on? Nice dodge he did at the end talking in vague analogies and not answering what happens if Assad doesn’t win, replace him with what al Qaeda? I really wish you just asked him directly ok if Assad loses them who is in power Al Nusra? Al Sham? ISIL? How is that better?

    What Syrians get with an Assad victory is to keep their sovereignty and not be Balkanized.

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