12/29/17 Derek Davison on the latest neocon plans for confronting Iran

Derek Davison returns to the show to discuss his latest article, “Clean Break II: Iran Hawks Decide To Burn It All Down.” Davison details the latest neoconservative nightmare, explains his fear that Donald Trump is being quickly coopted by the neoconservatives, and considers what might happen if the U.S. walks away from the deal.

Derek Davison is a freelance writer. His work appears at LobeLog and Jacobin. Learn more about his work at his site And That’s The Way It Was and follow him on Twitter.

Discussed on the show:

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One thought on “12/29/17 Derek Davison on the latest neocon plans for confronting Iran”

  1. John Ellis

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    So, Russian communism was when all the super-intelligent rich were either executed, terrorized into silence or exiled. When the uneducated laboring-class, the slow of thought lower-half of society, when any of them who refused to do all the manual labor drudgery without complain were shipped off to Siberia.

    And so, the pure, holy and privileged middle-class with their mediocre middle-speed minds, they achieved perfection in mutual gratification. For all the laws compelled everyone to give equal, to receive equal in return and the courts made sure that no one was in need of compassion, pity or charity and that no one had the slightest reason to feel grateful for a gift that they did not deserve.

    Truth is, we are all given a different level of intelligence so that the moral fabric of society may bond everyone together in system where everyone is essential, where everyone feels wanted, needed and things would not be the same without you. For love is compassion pity and charity flowing down to those less intelligent, grateful submission flowing up to those more intelligent and in a way that equal ownership of everything is achieved without the slightest force, where no government is ever allowed to have deadly force.

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